I have a confession to make: I enjoy reading! I do so for the pure pleasure of it. However it’s not only a form of entertainment it’s also an excellent venue for discovering ideas for new blog articles that I eventually share with my readers. But for every article that eventually morphs into a Marshall Commercial Funding blog post, there are dozens of articles that are worthy of sharing that never see the light of day. And that bothers me. Someone has written an excellent article and it should be shared.

At the same time most of you are inundated with numerous reading opportunities with no proven way of filtering out the few good ones from the rest of the pile. Until now. Once a month let me be your filter. I promise that the articles that I suggest you read will be worthy of your time and effort. In keeping with my blog posts, they will generally be in the areas of interest that my readers have come to expect from me:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Business & banking
  • The economy
  • The stock market
  • Personal finance

Occasionally I may slip in an article that falls outside this scope because it was too interesting to pass up. So let’s get started. Shown below are the seven most interesting articles I’ve read this past month. Happy reading!

5 Types of Debt to Dump Before You Retire

Margin Debt Peaks May Indicated End of Cyclical Bull Market

13 Warren Buffett Quotes for Real Estate Investors

Time Kills All Deals

8 Reasons Why a New Global Financial Crisis Could Be On The Way

Investor Mistakes from A to Z

8 Business Lessons Your Mom Taught You Better Than Business School

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