Conditions of Use

Marshall Commercial Funding, Inc. is dedicated to granting you full access to the tools and information that we post on our website in order to make you a better commercial real estate investor.

Having said that, there are some rules that go along with using this website. We're not fond of legalese, but these things must be said.

Use it

Please feel free to copy anything from this web site and forward it to your friends and colleagues. Use it with our blessing.

Don't claim to be us

Please don't try using our photos or the Marshall Commercial Funding, Inc, trademark logo for anything other than referring back to Marshall Commercial Funding, Inc. In other words, don't claim to be us. That's not nice.

Rates and terms change daily

None of the interest rates shown on the MCF Rate Sheet should be construed as final rates for your loan. As our Rate Sheet says: "Marshall Commercial Funding, Inc. is a commercial mortgage brokerage firm, not a direct lender. The above rates and terms are examples of financing available. Rates and terms change daily."

As you know, rates and terms are affected by many different factors- LTV requested, loan size, property location, occupancy, tenant quality, property type, etc.

Getting started

Loan quotes are not given over this website. We do that with you one-on-one. Give us a call at 503.614.1808 to get started. And remember, too, that your loan quote is only as good as the information you provide.

We welcome any feedback on further information or tools you'd like to see here. Welcome to the Marshall Commercial Funding website!