Secrets of a Commercial Mortgage Broker: 
How to Get the Best Possible Loan for Your Property

Whether you ever do business with us, this 10-part video series provides a step-by-step approach to getting the best possible loan for your property.

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1 – The Basics: The Three Options for Financing Your Property

So how do you go about getting the best possible loan for your property? Whether you ever do business with us, you should know the answer to this question.

2 – The Pros & Cons of Using a Lender You’ve Already Done Business With

It's not uncommon for property owners to say, "I take all my banking needs to my favorite lender." There are two reasons for this. One makes sense the other doesn't. See which reason may apply in your situation.

3 – The Initial Phone Call – How to Get Lenders Interested in Your Loan

Loan officers can be abrasive over the phone and generally don't suffer fools gladly. Learn how to sound like a "pro" over the phone to avoid an embarrassingly quick reply of "not interested."

4 – How to Entice Lenders with a Professional Looking Loan Package

Perception is often times more important than reality. You're asking a lender to lend you lots of money. Learn how to assemble a loan package that tells them that you're worth the risk.

5 – How to Significantly Improve Your Loan Quotes

If a lender knows he doesn't have the best quote on the table, he will sometimes tweak the quote to make it more competitive. Learn how to tactfully ask a lender to improve his offer without ticking him off.

6 – How to Keep Your Loan From Going to the Bottom of the Pile, or Worse

Learn the "Golden Rule of Lending" and how to use it to your advantage to give your loan the best possible chance to be approved in a timely manner and at the rate and terms shown on the letter of interest.

7 – Two Good Reasons for Using a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Trust is everything. It is absolutely vital for getting a loan transaction completed. Learn the benefits of taking advantage of the trust relationship that has already been developed between the mortgage broker and the lender.

8 – Two More Reasons for Using A Commercial Mortgage Broker

There are times in the loan process when things go wrong threatening loan approval. Learn why the mortgage broker, instead of you or the lender's loan officer, is the best person to get things back on track.

9 – How To Choose a Mortgage Broker Who Will Work Best for You

Not all mortgage brokers are equally trustworthy, competent and likable. To determine which mortgage broker is the right one for you find out the right questions to ask when interviewing them for the job.