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The Economy Is Looking Good For Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, here’s the truth: any time can be a good time, for those with enough savvy to capitalize on the market. 

​​During a real estate bubble contraction, you buy an undervalued property, make needed renovations and make changes to the property’s management.  Once the property has increased in value due to your expertise and the improving market conditions you sell the property for a nice gain.  And then start the process over by doing a 1031 exchange deferring the capital gains taxes owed.

All that being said, in a “bull” economic market, real estate ventures tend to be more successful. Here’s the thing: real estate is usually the least liquid of assets. It takes time to acquire and time to sell. ​​As with anything economical, you want to buy low and sell high. With real estate, you want to look at the city where you’re buying to get the best deal. 

Accordingly, this writing will look into the best-ranked USA cities of 2019 to help give you an idea where you might want to invest your assets to maximize potential real estate profit.

Multiple Contenders

Here’s something to consider: you cannot trust the news today. The news is corporate and runs a specific narrative engineered to preserve their best interests. They give some of the truth, then portray it in a way which causes you to think such that you reflect the outcome they want. With that in mind, we’ve got to look at multiple cities and “split the difference”, as it were, to determine which ones are going to truly be the “best” of 2019.

According to, 2019’s top six best cities are, in descending order, Boise, Idaho, Raleigh, North Carolina, Madison, Wisconsin, Iowa City, Iowa, Rochester, Minnesota, and Columbia, Missouri. Meanwhile, says the best cities are Arlington, Virginia, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Berkeley, California, The Woodlands, Texas (a Houston suburb), Plano, Texas, and Naperville, Illinois.

In contrast, has 17 of the top cities to live in for 2019 being in and around Dallas. Here’s the thing: Texas is apt to be short-changed by many websites seeking to give an opinion on America’s best cities in 2019. It’s obvious why: many websites are run from Silicon Valley, or businesses sympathetic to the “royalty” of that region.

This means you get a slanted vibe which tends to ignore results that don’t conform to previously-established opinions. Accordingly, to get the best contender for 2019 top living, you’re going to have to weigh your options and split the difference. Doing so reveals that Dallas, Texas represents one of the country’s best places to live this year.

Making A Decision From Available Data

Presently the Dallas economy is going strong, and the real estate market is booming. You might want to look into The Urban Avenue – Victory Park apartments with a high degree of comfort, aesthetic, and desirability. If you’re going to conduct some real estate ventures, you could get a unit in Victory Park, explore the city, find your best option, and make an investment.

Even investment in apartment housing could be ideal. There are multiple families of real estate out there, and some will be more conducive to investment than others. You may want to invest in a retail “mall”, if you have the assets. Strip malls tend to be more “en vogue” than indoor malls these days; but it will depend on the area where you’re considering investment.

One thing is sure: President Trump loves real estate, and he’s got Texas in his pocket presently. States which are aligned with the present administration have a high propensity to see increased economy over states deliberately working against the present administration. Put politics aside and consider the profit potentiality of being aligned with positive economic revenue streams.

Which region is best?

The truth is, there are many regions in America today that are sitting pretty in terms of economic potentiality. Many of the “old guard” locations have “ripened”, and are in decline; even as new regions become economic centers. Savvy investors may find real estate opportunities in “declining” communities; but for those looking to get an understanding of the real estate game, and see profit, investing in booming areas like Dallas makes sense for 2019.

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