The Problem

So, you want to achieve financial freedom with real estate investing, but you’re a busy person with a demanding job and a lot of responsibility.  You don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of putting together an advisory team, finding a good deal, or making decisions about the financing and management of a property.

The Solution

The fact is, you can STILL enjoy the benefits of real estate investing by becoming a passive investor in multifamily syndications.  On the latest episode of the Apartment Building Investing podcast, I sit down with Michael Blank to discuss how I achieved financial freedom through passive investing in commercial real estate.

I describe the differences between an active and passive investor, sharing my goals as a passive investor and the characteristics of an ideal candidate for passive investing. I also offer insight around my preference for multifamily over other asset classes and explain how to calculate the amount you need to invest to earn a particular cash-on-cash return.

The Benefits

Listen in to understand the incredible tax benefits of real estate investing and get my take on the #1 thing passive investors should consider before handing their money over to a syndicator!

Listen to the podcast episode now!