Last week I asked my 1,700 blog readers to take a short survey.  The questions asked fell into one of four categories:

  1. Who is reading my blog?
  2. What topics would you like me to write about?
  3. What keeps you up at night?
  4. Do you have an author, blogger, or news source that you enjoy reading on topics of interest for real estate investors and professionals?

Who is reading my blog?

Last year, the survey indicated that 90% of my blog readers were men.  I didn’t ask the question this year, but I have no reason to believe this has changed.  Let’s face it, commercial real estate is a male dominated profession and most real estate investors are men too.

Real estate is also an old man’s profession.  Sixty five percent of those surveyed were 50 years of age or older.  No one under 30 participated in the survey.

When asked how they would describe themselves fully 65% identified themselves as investors, of which half of these considered themselves both investors and real estate professionals.  Seventy seven percent of those who identified themselves as real estate professionals indicated they were CRE Brokers/Sales Agents.

When asked, “What type of real estate is your primary focus?” fully 55% responded with apartments, 17% with office, and 11% with industrial.

So the typical respondent to the survey was in his sixties (probably white and male) who is a CRE Broker/Sales Agent specializing in apartments.

What topics would you like me to write about?

Shown below in order of interest are the top 6 topics the survey respondents asked me to write about:

  • Case studies – real loan quotes on real deals
  • Real estate market trends
  • Current events
  • Global issues affecting real estate
  • Principles of real estate investing
  • The economy

Case Studies – Real Quotes On Real Deals was the runaway favorite by those surveyed.  This surprised me and also encouraged me a bit.  One of the unparalleled strengths of the Marshall Commercial Funding website are the Mortgage Solutions Blueprints.  Have you taken a look at these?  None of my peers do anything similar.  Not even close.  About once a quarter I provide a very detailed case study of a recent loan closing.  It begins with a brief description of the property, the financing request and the issues associated with the deal.  It includes a side-by-side comparison of three or four lender quotes and how each loan alternative affects:

  • Cash required to close
  • Cash Flow After Debt Service
  • Before- and After-Tax Return on Equity

If you haven’t taken advantage of this free service, you should.  Click on this link to see the last dozen or so Mortgage Solutions Blueprints I’ve posted.  They are there for your benefit.

What keeps you up at night? 

Last year 40% of the respondents replied to this question with, “Nothing.  I sleep like a baby.”  This year only 17% responded similarly.  I believe in the past year, we have begun to see a sea change in the CRE market.  Other real estate professionals are sensing it too, which is the reason for the slip in confidence.  The market has peaked and we are just in the beginning stages of the Hypersupply Phase of the real estate market cycle.

Now for those 83% who weren’t so bullish about the market, their answers were all over the map.  The top 4 concerns were:

  • Factors adversely impacting my real estate
  • Personal matters
  • The economy tanking
  • Not living a healthy lifestyle

Do you have an author, blogger, or news source that you enjoy reading on topics of interest for real estate investors and professionals?

Surprisingly, fully two-thirds of survey respondents answered, “No.”  That’s a bit shocking, isn’t it?  But maybe not.  Sadly, I have found very few real estate related bloggers or news sources worth following.  And I’ve found no well written books on commercial real estate.  Most bloggers are boring, writing on topics I have no interest in, or they are self-serving, trying to convince you to use their services or buy their product.

Very few survey respondents provided any source for real estate related news.  Here are all the sources cited:


  • The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing by Paul Moore


  • Marshall Commercial Funding Blog
  • theBrokerList Blog

News Sources

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes magazine

The advantage of reading theBrokerList Blog is that it’s a compilation of 20 or so bloggers in the real estate industry.  I would recommend you signing up for this blog.

Other bloggers that I’ve found worth following:

  • A Student of the Real Estate Game
  • Bigger Pockets
  • Location Advice – Allen C Buchanan
  • Massimo Group
  • Metropolitan Capital Advisors

Who do you like to read for real estate related news?  Yes, I’m asking you.  There’s got to be some other sources out there.