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My 14 Most Favorite Books of 2018

This blog post is devoted to sharing fourteen of my most favorite books I read in 2018. You’ll see that I like to read a variety of books. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular book, click on the book title and the link will take you to its Amazon page.

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A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Mastering Fear

Mastering fear is all about controlling the inner dialogue and using it to your advantage. We are not to deny our fear. Instead become aware of it and redirect it. Harnessing fear can change the course of your destiny. Find out how you can make fear your ally.

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Life is good!

How I’m Retiring In Style and How You Can Do It Too!

By investing in commercial real estate you can slowly, but steadily build real wealth and grow passive income from your rental properties. It’s not a myth. And it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It actually works. And my book, Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing, will help get you there.

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growing passive income

How to Retire Well by Growing Passive Income

Financial freedom is a desire most, if not all, of us want to achieve.  Yet very few of us do.  Fully 95 percent of Americans do not achieve financial independence by age 65 but end up dependent on the government, or the charity of their families.  Here are my nine steps to achieving financial freedom by growing passive income.

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