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Image I was born with a reading list I will never finish Maud Casey

My Most Favorite Books of 2015

This blog post is devoted to sharing fourteen of my most favorite books I read in 2015. You will see I like to read a variety of books. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular book, click on the book title and it will take you to its Amazon page. If you have […]

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building solid relations for lasting success

Don’t be a Lemming: Vet Your CRE Investment Sponsor

In my last blog post, 10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Commercial Real Estate Investing I stated that it’s a myth to believe that owning commercial real estate is a passive investment. I’m aware that for every rule there is an exception. Investing in a single tenant building, with a credit rated tenant, such […]

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How to take the risk out of your business

10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Investing in commercial real estate is without a doubt a “high risk” and “high reward” venture. Truly there’s lots of money to be made in commercial real estate. Just talk to those who had the courage and foresight to acquire income producing properties just after the Great Recession. Those properties that were bought at bargain […]

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3 Myths about the Inevitability of Interest Rates Rising

I have many friends and colleagues who believe that it is only a matter of time before interest rates start rising. They say something like, “Rates can’t stay this low forever.” Well I’m here to say that they are partially right. Interest rates can’t stay down forever, but they can stay low for the foreseeable […]

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