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Mortgage Solutions Archive

Property TypeDateDescription
Apartments11/2016Financing for a Recently Rehabbed Apartment
Automotive09/2016Financing for an Investor Owned Auto Repair Shop
Single-Tenant Office 07/2016Financing for a Single-Tenant Office Building
Mixed Use02/2016Financing for a Mixed Use Building with Sketchy Tenants
Apartments10/2015Apartment Financing for a Small Market with Mostly College Student Tenants
Single-Wide Mobile Home Park07/2015Refinance of an Older, Single-Wide Mobile Home Park
Apartments06/201520 Unit Apartment Refinance
Multi-Tenanted Retail02/2015Financing for a Multi-Tenanted Retail Bldg in a Small Market
Apartments07/2014Apartment Perm Loan without a Loan-to-Cost Constraint
Apartments04/2014Financing for Apartments in Small Market
Student Housing03/2014Fully Amortizing Loan Alternatives for Student Housing
Neighborhood Shopping Center02/2014Financing for older Neighborhood Shopping Center
Student Housing11/2013Financing for Student Housing in Small MSA
Apartments06/2013Apartment Financing with a Step-Down Prepayment Penalty
Strip Retail06/2013Financing For a Small Strip Retail Property
Warehouse04/2013Non-Recourse Financing for a Single Tenant Warehouse
Apartments01/2013Financing for a Poorly Performing Apartment
Single Tenant Retail11/2012Single, Non-Credit Tenant Retail
Strip Retail09/2012Non-Recourse Financing for Self-Directed IRA Investment
Multi-Tenanted Unanchored Retail06/2012Multi-Tenanted Unanchored Retail
Single Tenant Industrial Bldgs04/2012Creative Financing for Two Vacant Industrial Buildings
Multi-Tenanted Industrial Park01/2012Multi-Tenanted Light Industrial Park with Rollover Risk